Used for healing work, meditation, chanting and sounding…
…or just enjoy them for their beautiful sound and looks.

Vibration is the most essential characteristic of Singing Crystal Bowls. The pure sound and tone created when playing the bowls penetrate throughout the body and their music can be felt as well as heard. The harmonious vibrational sound field produced when playing these bowls resonates the light body Chakra and corresponding physical area. The calming sound of the crystals and their pure sine waves open the Chakras and help create a balanced and restful ambience.

Our bowls are made from 99.995% fused silica quartz and are tuned to a musical note representing one of the seven major Chakras:

LocationAssociated with
1stRoot/BaseCBase of the SpineAdrenal glands, spinal column, kidneys
2ndSacral/NavalDSexual OrgansGonads and reproductive system
3rdSolar PlexusENavel AreaPancreas, abdomen, stomach, liver, nervous system
4thHeartFHeartThymus, heart, blood, circulatory system
5thThroatGThroatThyroid, bronchial, throat, mouth, gums, lungs
6thThird EyeAMiddle of ForeheadPituitary gland, lower brain, left eye, ears, nose
7thCrownB Top of the HeadPineal gland, upper brain, right eye

Each of our bowls plays a certain note depending on its size – the bigger the bowl the deeper the tone. The bowls are various sizes, the smallest 8 inches, the largest 24 inches in diameter. We are also able to tune the Singing Bowls to your preferred Chakra. This involves additional work and time so please phone, or use our response form, to check price and delivery.

We can also make to order 2, 2.5 and 3 inch Clear Singing Bowls with a handle.

If you would more information how to use the Singing Bowls we have available the book by Renee Brodie ‘The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls: Heal yourself with Sound and Colour’ and CD and Cassette tape of the actual sounds of the bowls being played along with a separate track for each chakra.

Singing Crystal Bowls are not a substitute for proper medical care; customers use our product at their own risk